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Nerve Stimulation is one of the newest and most innovative technologies used to treat chronic pain. There are a number of products using this technology on the market, however none are quite as successful as the Neurimpulse Nerve Stimulation System which we are fortunate enough to have already supplied to a number of hospitals across the UK. Our Neurimpulse Nerve Stimulation system is designed to effectively decrease (and often) eliminate chronic pain altogether, making it the most sort after nerve stimulation product on the market.

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What is Nerve Stimulation?

Nerve Stimulation (aka Neurostimultion) is a form of technology used to act as a pain control therapy, specifically for individuals suffering with chronic pain.

It involves surgery that places an electrical pulse to the affected nerve area sending the pain messages to the brain. It works by actively sending an electrical pulse to one of the peripheral nerves creating the pain sensation, effectively blocking and replacing it with a more manageable light tingling sensation.

It is worth mentioning here that there is normally a trial period where the electrode is connected to an external device and then tested on the patient over the space of a couple of weeks. If the trial is successful and the patient’s pain sensation is reduced, a small generator is then permanently implanted into the patient’s body.

Nerve Stimulation for Pain

How does the Neurimpulse Nerve Stimulation System Work?

The Neurimpulse Peripheral Nerve implantable stimulator system is a non-rechargeable, tetrapolar pulse generator, dedicated to peripheral nerve stimulation for chronic pain management. This is how it works:



A trial period is conducted where the electrode is connected to an external simulator device and then tested on the patient over a couple of weeks.



If the trial period is successful for the patient, and an agreed level of stimulation is programmed, the external simulator is then surgically inserted into the patient.



The patient is then given a programmed controller which allows them to control the intensity of the stimulation throughout the day.

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