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Nerve Stimulation Technology Supplier UK

Polar Medical is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of nerve stimulation technology to the NHS and Private Healthcare sectors. We specialise in the supply and distribution of the Neurimpulse Nerve Stimulation System which is designed to decrease chronic pain and reduce (or eliminate) patients requirement for medication.

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Nerve Stimulation Technology – Neurostimulation

Neurostimulation is a form of nerve stimulation technology designed to act as a pain control therapy, specifically designed for patients suffering from chronic pain. A Neurostimulation device is surgically implanted directly within the painful area which blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain and therefore to masking the sensation of pain. This technology does not heal the effected area it simply blocks the brain from feeling the sensation of pain and is why it is mainly recommended for patients suffering with long term chronic pain who have tried various other treatments such as drug therapy, physiotherapy etc with little to no success.

We specialise in the supply of the Neurimpulse Peripheral Nerve Stimulation System featuring a small stimulator which is implanted under the skin at the painful area and then generates electrical signals. These signals run through the nerves and to the brain, blocking the sensation of pain and replacing that pain with a pleasant feeling – from experience, patients have reported this feels like a “light massage” and a “like a tingling sensation”. The stimulation intensity can be personally adjusted by the patient via a remote control handset and they can even set different strengths of stimulation for different times of day – so it’s a very customisable system.

How Nerve Stimulation Technology Works

  • Pain signals reach the brain through the nervous system.

  • The generator emits electrical pulses through a lead.

  • The lead sends these pulses to the surrounding peripheral nerves.

  • The pulses are perceived as a pleasant sensation, replacing the painful sensation.

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation System

We specialise in the supply and distribution of the Neurimpulse Peripheral Nerve Stimulation System to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK. This innovative nerve stimulation technology features non-rechargeable, tetrapolar pulse generators which are implantable stimulators dedicated to peripheral nerve stimulation for chronic pain management. These stimulators are programmable for a wide variety of parameters to ensure a completely configurable output of stimulation strength and timing for the patient.

Nerve Stimulation Technology Research Findings

As one of the leading nerve stimulation technology suppliers in the UK we always ensure to know all of the research findings about our products. Many clinical studies have been undertaken to prove the effectiveness of nerve stimulation. The main reason for these studies has been to evaluate specific parameters including how well nerve stimulation works at reducing pain, improvement in the quality of life for patients and the overall level of daily activity that patients can perform after surgery.

Pain Relief


Research has shown that the majority of patients had a 50% decrease in pain after successful surgical implant.

Use of Medication


Due to the success of the pain management, many patients reduced or elimination their use of drug medication.

Quality of Life


With chronic pain reduced and a lowering of drug intake, patients find an overall improvement in quality of life.

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