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At Polar Medical we supply an excellent range of innovative Neuromodulation products in the UK to both the NHS and private hospital sectors. The NHS has recently reported that around 28 million adults in the UK are affected by some type of chronic pain (lasting 3 months onward) and with an ageing population, it is likely that these figures will increase and the need for pain management and relief will grow. The cutting edge Neuromodulation technology we supply offers a less evasive treatment to traditional pain management products, with a high patient turnaround and higher success rate.

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Neuromodulation Technology Products

Diros Owl Pain Neuromodulation Product

Diros Owl RF Lesion Generator

The Diros Owl RF Lesion Generator uses Neuromodulation in the form of nerve Radiofrequency Technology. This innovative type of technology uses electrical current to heat up specific areas of nerve tissue within the body to reduce the pain signals that are sent to the brain. The procedure involves use of the RF Cannula Probes which are inserted into the targeted nerve and then create a lesion around the area which ultimately destroys the nerve sending the pain signals.


What is Neuromodulation?

Neuromodulation is a technology which obliterates pain nerves in the body by delivering electrical or pharmaceutical agents directly to the affected area. Neuromodulation works be either stimulating the nerves to produce a natural biological response or by delivering targeted pharmaceutical agents in small doses directly to the area in need. Neuromodulation devices such as the Diros Owl use cannulas to send radio frequency to the nerves which causes a legion to act as a chemical blocker, stopping the pain signalling to the brain. Another similar Neuromodulation device is the Nuvectra Algovita which instead of radio frequency uses electricity to stimulate the spinal chord, again stopping the pain responses to the brain.

The Benefits of Neuromodulation:

  • Accurately targets to Specific Areas
  • Fast Recovery Rate
  • Higher Success Rate
  • Non Invasive Treatment
  • Faster Patient Turnaround Time

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We supply and distribute a range of Neuromodulation Technology Products to NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK.

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