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Neuromodulation is a new and innovative treatment which involves the administration of medications directly to the body’s nervous system to target and eliminate areas of discomfort. Neuromodulation can be used to treat a number of disorders including movement disorders, spasticity and epilepsy but has been regarded to be the most successful treatment for patients suffering with chronic pain. The devices are implanted into the patient in either the form of a pump which delivers pain relief drugs as and when the patient requires or through neural stimulation with the use of electro or radio frequency probes.

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Neuromodulation Technologies

At Polar Medical we specialise in cutting edge Neuromodulation technology and stock a range of products which encompasses all forms of Neuromodulation including:

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation uses electrical stimulation of the spinal cord to interrupt pain signals sent from the spine directly to the brain, replacing the feel to a more pleasant tingling sensation. At Polar medical we supply products such as the Nuvectra Algovita Spinal Cord Stimulator which uses thin leads planted alongside the spinal cord and a small implanted device to send small amounts of electricity to the nerves that are sending the pain signals, helping to stimulate and override them.


Radiofrequency Pain Management

Radiofrequency Pain Management is a type of Neuromodulation technology which involves the use of electrical current (produced by radio waves) to heat up a specific area of nerve tissue within the body to reduce the pain signals being sent to the brain. The Diros Owl RF Lesion Generator is a perfect example of a product which uses radio frequency. With an in-built impedance monitor, lesion generator and nerve stimulator the Diros Owl allows users to safely and efficiently deliver continuous or pulsed radio frequency to the affected area.

Nerve Stimulation Technology Neuromodulation

Nerve Stimulation Technology

Neurostimulation is a form of Neuromodulation technology which is specifically designed for patients suffering with chronic pain. It consists of a stimulation device which is implanted directly within the pain location which then transmits pulsed electrical current to the affected area, blocking the pain signals to the brain and masking the sensation. At Polar Medical we supply a range of Neurostimulation devices however our most popular is the Neurimpulse Peripheral Nerve Stimulation System which features daily programming technology and very little preoperative preparation.


Pain Relief Medication Pump

Pain relief medication pump which is designed to be surgically implanted into the patient to deliver pain medication directly into the fluid which surrounds the spinal cord, reducing the pain signals to the brain. The main benefit of implantation is that the patient will no longer have to worry about remembering to take any medication for their pain. There are various medication pumps on the market however the Prometra II by Flowonix has been deemed to be one of the more popular choices due to it’s innovative programme system and simplistic design.


Neuromodulation Pain Management Solutions

It doesn’t matter what form of chronic pain patients may be suffering with, at Polar Medical we have an effective pain management solution which includes only the most innovative Neuromodulation technology. We supply products which encompasses all four main areas of Neuromodulation technology which are Spinal Cord Stimulation, Nerve Stimulation, Medication Pumps and Radiofrequency implants and are proud to supply both the NHS and Private Hospital Sectors across the UK with the best product for the right purpose.

If you work in the Healthcare sector and would like a free product demonstration, our friendly team of sales representatives would be more than happy to visit you and walk you through our range of Neuromodulation products.

Neuromodulation Pain Management Solutions

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