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As one of the UK’s leading pain management companies, we provide a first rate service in the supply of products designed to treat patients suffering with chronic pain. We currently supply our products to both the NHS and Private Healthcare sector and are the fastest growing pain management company to specialise in the sale and hire of innovative Neuromodulation technology.

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Pain Management Options

At a fundamental level, chronic pain is simply a matter of biology. It is caused by a bombardment of the central nervous system sending nociceptive pulses to the brain which then cause a change in the neural response.

There are various methods in which the effects of chronic pain can be dealt with and we supply a range of products which are effective pain management solutions.

When discussing treatment for chronic pain we are covering a wide range of ailments which include:

  • Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Vertebral Body Compression Fractures
  • Post Lumbar Spine Surgery with Pain
  • Post Cervical Spine Surgery with Pain
  • Post Thoracotomy Pain Syndrome
  • Arachnoiditis
  • Intractable Back Pain
  • Cancer Pain

Whichever form of chronic pain patients may be suffering with, we have an effective pain management product to help assist with relieving the pain to allow patient to have a better quality of life. We supply the latest in innovative chronic pain technology to both the NHS and Private Hospital sector across the UK.

How Does it Work?

Ou pain management products use Neuromodulation technology to work in two ways, either by actively stimulating nerves to produce a natural biological response or by targeting the area with small doses of pharmaceutical agent.

Electrical Stimulation

Radiofrequency (RF) Pain Management is an innovative type of technology which uses an electrical current (that is produced by a radio wave) to heat up a specific area of nerve tissue within the body and reduces pain signals sent to the brain from that specific area, thus removing the sensation of pain. A low voltage electrical current is passed from the generator to the targeted nerves effectively obliterating the area to block the pain signals.

Pharmaceutical Agent

Pharmaceutical agent distribution works by surgically implanting a device which is fully programmed to deliver a pain medication directly into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. This surgeon programmes it to accurately deliver a specific dose at the correct intervals as dictated by the patient’s physician. Once the device is successfully implanted, the patient will not have to worry about remembering to take any medication as it is now entirely automated.

Pain Management Products

We currently supply a variety of pain management products to both the NHS and Private Healthcare Sector and can offer full training and product demonstrations upon request. We also offer a hire/lease service which means theatres can loan products either on a long-term or short-term basis to help cut department costs. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our experienced Neuromodulation product specialists then please feel free to contact us on 01233 822069.

Diros Owl Pain Neuromodulation Product

Diros Owl RF Lesion Generator

Using electrical currents to heat up specific areas of nerve tissue within the body through the use of RF Cannula Probes, the Diros Owl Lesion Generator is an innovative pain management option. These probes are inserted into the targeted nerve area to create a lesion (pain blocker) around the affected area.

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Our Clients Include

Neuromodulation Product Demonstration

If you would like to view a demonstration on any of our pain management products then please get in touch using the button listed below. Innovative new technologies such as Neuromodulation have been developed to offer an alternative therapy for chronic pain management. Although in its infancy, we believe that these types of treatments will soon be a preferred treatment option for people suffering with chronic pain and our aim is to become the UK’s leading Pain Management Company.

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