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Pain Relief Medication Pump Supplier UK

Polar Medical is one of the leading Pain Relief Medication Pump suppliers in the UK, distributing the Flowonix Prometra II Pump to NHS and Private Hospitals nationally. This state-of-the-art technology allows an implant to automatically deliver pain medication to patients suffering with chronic pain.

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Pain Relief Medication Pump

A patient suffering with chronic pain will very likely have tried all available options to eliminate the issue but not found any solution. Having the ability to automatically deliver pain medication into the body is proving to be a very popular option for people suffering with chronic pain and reducing (in some cases eliminating) their constant discomfort.

A pain medication pump is simply designed to be surgically implanted and is then programmed to deliver pain medication directly into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. This is professionally programmed by the surgeon to accurately deliver the correct dose at the correct intervals as dictated by the patient’s physician. Once the device is successfully implanted the patient will not have to worry about remembering to take any medication for their pain and be safe in the knowledge that everything is automatically working from that moment onward.

There are various pain medication pumps on the market but we have specifically teamed up with Flowonix to supply and distribute the innovative Prometra II Programmable Pump which features:

  • Accurate With proven results of 97% medication delivery accuracy

  • Dependable Offering a staggering minimum battery life of 10 years

  • Effective Clinically proven to reduce pain, offering an effective pain management solution

Pain Relief Medication Pump Technology

As a specialist supplier of the Flowonix Prometra II Pump we are licensed to supply and distribute this innovative pain management technology to the NHS and Private Healthcare sectors across the UK. One of the most genius aspects of the Prometra II is it’s simplicity in design – it simply features 2 key elements consisting of the pump and the catheter. This eloquent minimalism is what makes this such an inventive pain relief pump and why we are dedicated to supplying hospitals and surgeons with the technology.

Pain Relief Medication Pump Research Findings

As one of the leading Pain Relief Medication Pump Suppliers in the UK we are very strenuous about knowing the research findings behind the technology we supply to NHS and Private Hospitals. Flowonix carried out extensive clinical trials of the Prometra system consisting of two phases, Acute and Long-Term. The Acute Phase consisted of findings from the first 6 months with monthly evaluations, whilst the Long-Term Phase focused on findings after 6 months until the device was explanted or became commercially available with quarterly evaluations.

Precise Delivery


Accurately delivered the volume of medication that was programmed at a succes rate of 95.9 – 97.7%

No Adverse Effects


Not a single patient from a total of 110 assessed incurred adverse effects from the pain medication pump

100% Success Rate


Over the strenuous research testing period of 30 months not a single pain relief medication pump failed

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