Flowonix Prometra II Pump

||Flowonix Prometra II Pump

Flowonix Prometra II Pump

The Flowonix Prometra II delivers pain medication directly into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord. The pain medication is an intrathecal infusion of preservative-free morphine sulfate solution which is indicated for chronic intrathecal infusion of baclofen injection sterile solution.

The pain medication can be delivered using an automated medication pump that is implanted under the skin. This means that the pain therapy can be managed by lower doses of medication which can be delivered directly to the damaged nerves to relieve pain quickly and efficiently. Sterile preservative-free 0.9% saline solution may be used when therapy is interrupted to maintain catheter potency.

How it Works

The Flowonix Prometra II System is a programmable pump which is implanted under the skin. It is filled with a prescribed amount of specialized pain medication and then programmed by the physician to deliver a preset amount of medication on a certain schedule.

The pump is surgically implanted under the skin of the abdomen with a narrow catheter leading to a target directly inside the spinal cord. A precise mechanism then automatically delivers the medication as prescribed by the physician. This means the patient never has to remember when and how much medication to take everyday.

Periodically the patient will then need to return to the physician in order to refill the pump with the pain medication. This procedure is as simple as a routine injection.


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