RF Trident™ Cannula

||RF Trident™ Cannula

RF Trident™ Cannula

The RF Trident™ Cannula is designed for Radio Frequency Lesioning of Nerves and allows for a faster procedure, less exposure to X-Ray and a shorter patient recovery time with longer-lasting pain relief. This superior technology allows for a large lesion to be created on the target area without the normal collateral damage due to a slim 18g probe creating a much larger based lesion when the 3 tines are deployed and can be used in conjunction with the Diros Probes.

How it Works

Once the TridentTM Cannula’s tip reaches the patient’s nerve, 3 tines are then easily deployed with a simple manipulation of the handle. The tine configuration allows for retraction and deployment and is similar to a pyramid, resulting in a pyramid-like shaped lesion with large base encompasses the nerve.

The Diros OWL® RF TridentTM Cannulae is guaranteed to decrease surgical costs, eradicates any form of cross-contamination and are all packaged and sterilized individually within a box of 10 pieces.

• Perpendicular approach for quicker placement
• Reduction in collateral damage with larger focused lesion
• When the tines are injected they can be deployed or retracted
• Much less X-ray exposure
• Cannula with a small diameter which creates a lesion with a large base
• Quicker patient recovery time
• Longer lasting pain relief


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Table of Corresponding RF Probes Length

DIROS Part Number Gauge To be used with Diros Probe Bare/Active Tip (mm)
DTR-018/50/5 18 5 cm 5 mm
DTR-018/100/5 18 10 cm 5 mm
DTR-018/150/5 18 15 cm 5 mm
DTR-018/200/5  18 20 cm 5 mm


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