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Radiofrequency Pain Management Company UK

We provide a first rate service in the supply of Radio-frequency Pain Management products to both the NHS and Private Healthcare Sectors. As one of the UK’s leading radio frequency product companies, we specialise in the sale and hire of innovative radio frequency pain management technology and offer an efficient and cost effective solution to pain management treatment.

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What is Radio-Frequency Pain Management?

Radio-frequency Pain Management is a type of treatment which uses innovative Neuromodulation technology to administer electrical current (produced by a radio waves) to a specific area of nerve tissue within the body, to help reduce the amount of pain signals sent to the brain.

Radio-frequency pain management treatment is a perfect solution for people who suffer with chronic lower back/neck pain and is regarded as a highly successful treatment for individuals suffering from degenerative joints and arthritis.

The procedure involves the use of a radio frequency generator and probes which are inserted into the nerve area. A surgeon will insert the needlepoint ends of the probes into the area where the patient is experiencing the pain using a Cannulae. Along with the use of an X-ray, the surgeon will then guide the needlepoint ends to the exact area of pain and begin the radio-frequency treatment.

Radiofrequency Pain Management Company

How Radiofrequency Works

Nerve Stimulation works by actively sending an electrical pulse to one of the peripheral nerves creating the pain sensation, effectively blocking and replacing it with a more manageable light tingling sensation. The Benefits of Nerve Stimulation Treatment are as follows:

Stage 1. Evaluation

An assessment with your doctor will be arranged and if radio-frequency ablation is recommended, a doctor will explain the procedure in detail, including possible complications and side effects.

Stage 2. Insertion

The consultant will insert a small needle into the general area where you are experiencing pain. Using X-ray, they will then guide the needle to the exact target area. A micro-electrode is then inserted through the needle to begin the stimulation process.

Stage 3. Ablation

Once the needle and electrode placement are verified, a small radio-frequency current is sent through the electrode into the surrounding tissue, causing the tissue to heat. This heat will then cause an ablation to the nerves, stopping the pain signals from travelling to the brain.

Radio-frequency Pain Management Products

At Polar Medical we currently supply an innovative range of radio-frequency pain management products to both the NHS and private healthcare sector across the UK. We also provide an in-house training service to hospital staff and can also arrange for radio-frequency generators to be hired on either a long-term of short-term leases basis.

The Diros Owl RF Lesion Generator System

The Diros OWL® URF-3AP Lesion Generator with Multi-lesion Adapter (MLA-4) is designed to offer an accurate and safe relief to patients suffering with chronic pain. The generator works by connecting to a RF Probe (which can be up to 4 in total at any one time) and then inserted into the targeted nerve area and activated to deliver a continuous pulse of radio frequencies. This radio frequency then causes a legion to occur in the nerve which sends the pain messages to the brain, stopping it from sending further signals.

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If you would like to know further information about our radio-frequency pain management products then please feel free to get in touch for a product demonstration.

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