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Radiofrequency Pain Management Supplier UK

Polar Medical is one of the leading suppliers of Radiofrequency Pain Management technology in the UK. We supply and distribute radiofrequency (RF) technology to the NHS and Private Healthcare Sectors to allow surgeons to operate on patients suffering from chronic pain.

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Radiofrequency Pain Management

Radiofrequency (RF) Pain Management is an innovative type of technology which uses an electrical current (that is produced by a radio wave) to heat up a specific area of nerve tissue within the body and reduces pain signals sent to brain from that specific area, thus removing the sensation of pain.

The procedure is achieved through the use of a Radiofrequency Generator and Probes. A surgeon will insert the needlepoint ends of the probes into the nerve area where the patient is experiencing the pain using a Cannulae. With the use of an X-ray the surgeon will then guide the needlepoint ends to the exact area of pain and begin the radiofrequency treatment.

  • Radiofrequency pain management helps chronic lower back and neck pain

  • RF can also fight symptoms of degenerative joints from arthritis

  • Very safe procedure with minimal associated complications

Radiofrequency Pain Management Technology

Whenever undergoing radiofrequency pain management treatment there are 3 key types of technology required to perform a successful surgery for the patient. These three products are a radiofrequency generator, probes and a form of cannula to insert the probes. We have specifically chosen the ‘Diros OWL‘ range of radiofrequency technology and specialise in the supply and distribution to both the NHS and Private Healthcare sectors.

Radiofrequency Pain Management Research Findings

As one of the leading radiofrequency pain management technology suppliers in the UK we are always looking into the latest research. Findings are now showing great results from patients who have suffered with long-term chronic pain and used radiofrequency pain management to reduce (and in some cases eliminate) pain from specific areas of the body relating to lower back and neck.

Pain Relief


Pain relief from radiofrequency treatment can last from six to 12 months with best results lasting years.

Success Rate


Over 70% of patients who were treated with radiofrequency therapy experienced pain relief.

Treatment Safety


RF has been proven to be a safe and effective method of pain relief with very few associated complications.

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