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Radiofrequency Ablation Generator

Polar Medical are proud to supply the Diros OWL Radifrequency Ablation Generator to both NHS and Private Hospitals across the UK. This groundbreaking technology securely delivers continuous or pulsed radiofrequency to help with pain management and neurosurgical procedures.

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The Diros Owl RF Lesion Generator

The Diros Technology Inc. OWL® Universal Radiofrequency Lesion Generator, ensures safety, accuracy, ease of use, and durability. These generators integrate an impedance monitor, nerve stimulator, and lesion generator, enabling the secure delivery of Continuous or Pulsed Radiofrequency in Monopolar, Bipolar, Dual Bipolar, or patent pending QuadrapolarTM Modes. Trusted for over four decades, they have found application in Pain Management and Neurosurgical procedures.

Enhanced with the Multilesion Adapter (MLA-4), which independently controls up to four RF Probes simultaneously, the OWL’s features comprise of impedance monitoring for up to 4 channels concurrently, sensory and motor stimulation options, and versatile RF Lesion modes. Users can choose between automatic RF output control with simultaneous or staggered starts or manual control. The generator also comes with an Integral RF Probe and Cable tester, History Recorder with USB output, and customised user presets for up to five individuals. It also offers support for 17 languages and includes a custom carrying case for added convenience.

Radiofrequency Ablation Generator

RF Trident™ Cannula

Used in conjunction with the Diros OWL Generator, The RF Trident™ Cannula revolutionises Radio Frequency Lesioning of Nerves, ensuring faster procedures, reduced X-ray exposure, shorter patient recovery, and prolonged pain relief. Its slim 18g probe and unique tine configuration create a large-based lesion with minimal collateral damage. Easily deployable tines form a pyramid-like shape, effectively encompassing the nerve. The cannula is compatible with Diros Probes, and its perpendicular approach expedites placement. Individually sterilised and packaged in sets of 10, these cannulae guarantee cost savings and eliminate cross-contamination risks. Experience enhanced efficiency, precision, and patient comfort with the Diros OWL® RF TridentTM Cannulae.

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RF Trident - Pain Management Product

What is Radio Frequency Ablation?

Radio Frequency Ablation, or radio-frequency pain management treatment, employs innovative technology to target and ablate specific nerve areas in the body by transmitting waves of heat. By doing so, it effectively disrupts the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

The primary objective of Radio Frequency Ablation is to eliminate nerve fibers responsible for conveying pain signals, all while maintaining a minimally invasive approach for the patient, often enabling same-day discharge.

This advanced treatment offers lasting relief for individuals suffering from chronic pain in areas such as the lower back, neck, and arthritic joints. Successful completion of the procedure can lead to significant improvements in the patient’s quality of life, providing them with much-needed respite from persistent discomfort.

Radio Frequency Ablation has emerged as a valuable technique for pain management, offering patients an alternative to more invasive surgical procedures. Its ability to precisely target and ablate the problematic nerve areas, combined with its potential for long-term pain relief, makes it a preferred choice for individuals seeking relief from chronic pain conditions.

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