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Neuromodulation Technology

Polar Medical are the UK’s leading supplier of Neuromodulation Technology to the NHS and private healthcare sector.

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Welcome to Polar Medical

At Polar Medical we strive to provide the clinician with the most innovative and cutting edge modern Neuromodulation Technology. Our focus is on working with companies that offer intuitive, patient centric solutions that increase patient’s quality of lives whilst remaining discreet and simple to use.

Neuromodulation Success Story

A neuromodulation spinal cord stimulator was recently featured in the Daily Mail involving the case of a pain stricken nurse who had suffered with chronic back pain her entire life. After trying all other pain relief treatments, Dr Serge Nikolic successfully implanted a spinal cord stimulator and after three days the patient was quoted to be ‘pain free’.

Neuromodulation Success Story


As a Privately Held company we are able to source technology at the forefront of advances in the Neuromodualtion and Pain Management field, this offers the patient and clinician many advantages whilst also providing cost effective solutions to the NHS and Private Healthcare Sector, helping to reduce the financial burden of new and novel technologies and increase the rate of broader adoption.

Our focus is our customers, we offer industry leading levels of customer service and support, we work very closely with our customers to build more than a transaction relationship, rather a business partnership.

Innovative Technology


We only supply the most advanced neuromodulation technology for the most effective solutions.


Cost Effective Solutions


We ensure all of our products are of the highest quality and offered at an affordable cost within your budget.


Customer Service


Every client will be supplied their very own sales representative who provides ongoing support and training.


Product Range

Please feel free to browse our range of specialised neuromodulation technologies & pain management treatment options.

Diros Owl Pain Radiofrequency Product

Diros Owl RF Lesion Generator

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RF Trident - Pain Management Product

RF Trident Cannulae

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