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RF Trident™ Cannula UK Supplier

Polar Medical is proud to be an RF Trident™ Cannula supplier, a dedicated medical instrument that revolutionises Radiofrequency Neurotomy Procedures in the UK. As a premier supplier of cutting-edge medical technology, Polar Medical is dedicated to enhancing the standard of care in the field of pain management. Our commitment to innovation drives us to offer advanced solutions like the Diros RF Trident Cannulae, designed to empower surgeons in the NHS and Private Healthcare Sectors with the latest tools for Radiofrequency Neurotomy procedures.

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RF Trident™ Cannula

Discover the unparalleled precision and efficiency of Diros OWL® RF Trident™ Cannulae, revolutionising nerve approach in Radiofrequency Neurotomy procedures. Engineered to streamline the process with a single-step, perpendicular approach akin to anesthetic block techniques, these cannulae redefine procedural simplicity. Upon reaching the target nerve, the Trident Cannula effortlessly deploys three tines from its tip through intuitive handle manipulation. The unique pyramid-like configuration of the tines ensures the creation of a lesion mirroring the nerve’s shape, maximising therapeutic efficacy.

Crafted from premium medical-grade stainless steel and insulated except at the tip, these cannulae boast pre-formed curved Nitinol tines, guaranteeing user-friendly operation and innovative lesion formation. Available in 18 Gauge with a 5mm active tip, Diros OWL® RF Trident™ Cannulae offer unparalleled precision and reliability.

One clear advantage of the Trident™ cannulae is the reduction in procedural costs, mitigated cross-contamination risks, and the prioritisation of patient safety with individual packaging and sterilisation. Each box contains 10 meticulously prepared pieces, ensuring convenience and efficiency in every procedure. Experience the future of Radiofrequency Neurotomy with Diros OWL® RF Trident™ Cannulae, setting a new standard in pain management innovation.

  • Approach angle perpendicular to the target
  • Injection possible with tines extended or withdrawn
  • Cannula of compact size generating a wide-based lesion
RF Trident Cannula Supplier

Radiofrequency Neurotomy Technology

In delivering optimal radiofrequency ablation procedures, seamless coordination between essential components is paramount: a proficient radiofrequency generator, precision probes, and an adept cannula for probe insertion. APolar Medical, we prioritise excellence, hence our exclusive endorsement of the esteemed ‘Diros OWL’ series of radiofrequency technology. With unwavering commitment, we procure and provide these indispensable elements, serving the diverse needs of healthcare providers across both the NHS and Private Healthcare sectors nationwide. By facilitating the seamless integration of advanced tools, we empower medical professionals to execute surgeries with unparalleled precision, ensuring superior patient outcomes and advancing the standards of radiofrequency neurotomy care.

RF Probes Lengths

The RF Probes come in a variety of four lengths including 5cm, 10cm, 15cm, and 20cm – all with a bare/active tip of 5mm.

DIROS Part Number Gauge To be used with Diros Probe Bare/Active Tip (mm)
DTR-018/50/5 18 5 cm 5 mm
DTR-018/100/5 18 10 cm 5 mm
DTR-018/150/5 18 15 cm 5 mm
DTR-018/200/5  18 20 cm 5 mm

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