Neurimpulse Peripheral Nerve Stimulation System

||Neurimpulse Peripheral Nerve Stimulation System

Neurimpulse Peripheral Nerve Stimulation System

Lightpulse implantable simulators are non-rechargeable, tetrapolar pulse generators, dedicated to peripheral nerve stimulation for chronic pain management, based on an efficient microprocessor technology. These simulators can program a wide variety of parameters with a totally configurable output.

How it Works

Lightpulse simulators are especially designed for peripheral stimulation, allowing an easy and comfortable positioning during the implant near the painful area. This allows for an effective stimulation with less energy required, giving them a long life-span. Lightpulse simulators give to the physician the opportunity of choosing, at any time, the stimulation in constant voltage or constant current, by giving full freedom of therapeutic treatment.

  • Daily Function: Daily programming of the switch on/off hour with one minute resolution.
  • Circadian Function: Amplitude stimulation programming hour by hour, within 24 hours, between minimum and maximum values chosen by the physician.

A wide diagnostic allows the physician to obtain all necessary information for an easy and quick follow up through instantaneous telemetric measures, trend and configuration history. The activation for stimulation with independently programmable ON and OFF periods, ensures a considerable energy saving with an increase in simulator longevity.


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